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  • EPM 18717 was granted in October 2010, and is part of the Esk Trough Project.
  • It is highly prospective for porphyry copper‐gold deposits and associated shallow copper enrichment zones.

EPM 18717 is located in southeast Queensland, approximately 38km SE of Gayndah and 85km NW of Gympie.

Exploration commenced in the Esk Trough area in early 2012 with the execution of a 3DIP(4) survey over three of the prospective areas. The program was designed to delineate chargeability targets related to the hydrothermal systems mapped at surface.

A significant chargeability target was defined by this program at Sefton and this was subsequently drill tested. The surveys also added further knowledge to the Demonbanga and Kakapo prospects and aided drill site selection at Kakapo.


Stockhaven Tenement Plan with historic prospects

Regional radiometric image

Stockhaven aerial studies

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October 2011
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